The Medium  /  Translating the Metalanguage

In physics, a wave is an oscillation accompanied by a transfer of energy that travels through a medium. On stage, the medium is a momentary collision between several languages. Their sum creates a meta-medium, a fictive reality. 

Like a wave propagate through a medium, a piece of art is an unusual language proposing an uncanny reality. In this reality, an oracle is revealed, a pathway for a message to pass through. In this suggested reality, all participants should function as simultaneous interpreters.

 The task of the translator is to transport details back and forth, ask for validations and reorganise the given data in a new sensible matter. The task of the artist is to translate abstract ‘metaphysical’ ideas into their most accurate formation in the suggested reality.

Like a wave is a disturbance that propagates through space and time, performance-art should function as an aesthetic collision between several mediums, interweaving new meanings into one’s mind.

When languages truly collide, mobility becomes fluidity.
This is when language wants to tell us something greater about itself. 
When the ‘How’ and the ‘What’ become one, the medium becomes the message.

About The progressive wave

The progressive wave is a collaborative project founded by Gal Naor and Matan Zamir in 2014. Their first production bodieSLANGuage is a collaboration with the Berlin based choreographers duo matanicola, funded by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds and co-produced by Theater Freiburg. Their artistic aim is to translate complex spiritual ideas into an innovative audio-visual performative language and encourage the integration of mixabled artists. In 2016, with the support of ID festival, The progressive wave embarked with their performance trilogy Science of Signs.


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