Science of Signs

Performance Trilogy

Presented in three correlating chapters, this theatric triptych is exploring the relations between science, performance and philosophy. The progressive wave (Gal Naor and Matan Zamir) are structuring unique dramaturgical modules to examine juxtapositions and overlaps between religious motifs, traditional elements and cultural references.

Making use of written, spoken and signed languages, live cameras, 3D video-mapping and the execution of live audio-visual experiments, “Sciene of Signs” performance trilogy is an alluring performative score which shapes an innovative translation to coded universal knowledge.


Science of Signs I: Lights & Vessels

Science of Signs II: Oráculo

Lights & Vessels

Science of Signs I: Lights & Vessels
a dance lecture performance by the progressive wave

In a mindful laboratory, a sign language interpreter operates a mystery: What is the language above all languages and what universal messages are echoing through it?

Lights & Vessels is the first chapter in the progressive wave’s performance trilogy Science of Signs. This narrated solo piece aims to uncover a thought provoking outlook on the teachings of Kabbalah wisdom, suggesting an up to date interpretation of the sacred tongue.

A scientific solo piece about the metaphysics of love.

Concept/Choreography/Performance: Gal Naor
Co-artsitic Direction/Dramaturgy: Matan Zamir
Stage/Light/Video Design and Technical Direction: Marc Jungreithmeier
Original Music Composition: Ori Alboher
Costume Design: Don Aretino
Production Management: Ann-Christin Görtz
Text Transcription: Bennet Togler 
Production Assistant: Lilla Roma Weisselberg, Jessica Comis
Promotion Photography and Video Teaser: Shira Kela

Lights & Vessels is a production of The progressive wave in co-production with ID Festival (Berlin) and with the support of Tanzlabor 21 (Frankfurt), Radialsystem V, Sasha Waltz & Guests, Heilehaus and Diamond Freddie (Berlin).


Photos: Ruthe Zuntz 


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