a contemporary site-specific dance ritual

Premiere: July 5th, 2019 at Halle am Berghain, Berlin

An audiovisual odyssey unfolds infernal and celestial imagery
bodies are gathered in a circle to hold a secret ceremony
forming and deforming abstract ornaments
they redefine space, possess, merge, and dissolve.
A sudden desire erupted out of the ritualistic pattern.
A sacrifice fulfilled as empty. 

This interdisciplinary site-specific dance performance takes its inspiration from the ancient Sufi dance, fusing various reflective acts in which a state of trance can be reached, with a live video installation, a contemporary electronic sound-score, and a fashion-forward statement. 

 A zone where minds can blend into collective awareness. 

Concept & Art Direction: Idan Gilony for UY Studio
Co-Artistic Direction & Choreography: The progressive wave
(Gal Naor and Matan Zamir)
Sound Composition & Live Set: Dasha Rush
Solo Performance: Valentin Tszin
Creative Dancers: Alistair Wroe, Angelo Petracca, Annalise Van Even, Aya Nakagawa, Davide Troiani, Georgia Bettens, Gianna DiGirolamo, Hollie Dorman, Jemima Rose Dean, Lorenzo Savino, Lydia Toompere, Lysandre Coutu-Sauvé, Madeleine White, Maria Chroni, Marta Antinucci, Matilde Bassetti, Rima Baransi, Ross Martinson
Lights: Michał Andrysiak
Vocals: Emre Zaim Demirtas
Visuals: Stanislav Glazov
Costumes: UY Studio
Production: Leo Beck, Dominika Wiśniewska
Curation: Helena Eleonora Rönnmark

ZONE was produced by fashion-label and art platform, UY studio, as part of their fifth anniversary at Halle am Berghain, Berlin, curated by Helena Eleonora Rönnmark, and in artistic collaboration with sound composer and musician, Dasha Rash, Butoh and performance artist, Valentin Tzin, and choreographers and consciousness researches, Matan Zamir and Gal Naor (The progressive wave). 

Photos and Gifs: Frank R. Schröder for


Photo by Bobby Collins

Science of Signs Methodology

In this workshop, we will share our artistic practice which is devoted to an extreme physical exploration that is in constant correspondence with philosophical and spiritual teachings. Improvisation will be used as a strategy to unlearn the habits of the mind.

We will investigate the borders between knowing and not knowing, states of awareness, abstraction and intention, stillness and physical activity to expand the way we perceive our bodies. We will allow ourselves to gradually return to our natural, organic state of sensitive openness. As a result, we learn to feel and move our bodies in a way that is consistent with our new understandings and embody those understandings in our practice to dissolve the beliefs in distance and separation.

The progressive wave is a collaborative project formed by dancer and choreographer, Matan Zamir, along with Sign-Language interpreter and theatre-maker, Gal Naor. Together they will share their unique working methods and invite the participants to peel-off some cognitive layers in order to discover new ways of expression and attention.

Science of Signs Methodology Workshop is an inclusive space welcoming mixable artists, dancers, actors, musicians and people with and without experience in performing arts. We open the door to those who wish to deepen the connection to their body and creative mind. The workshop can be accessible to the Deaf by simultaneous Sign-Language interpretation.

Self Translated
a performative group inquiry

The Self Translated workshop offers a safe space for peer groups to experiment with both communal and individual authentic processes on the quest to find varied introversive and extroversive ways to connect, express, feel and acknowledge.

Connecting to the nature of our awareness, we dive together into an intimate empowering journey, forming meaningful relations of physical understanding and emotional trust.

By forming a robust, loving base, we will attentively acknowledge each individual within the group and assist them in unlocking subconscious mental/emotional baggage, while the other group members will take an active part emancipating their deep-seated, abstract storyline.

The participants will explore various physical, sensual and spiritual states and qualities to search for varied ways to express the self and listen to the narrative of the other also when communicated in a non-verbal way.

In a non-judgmental environment, we will create a sensitive, attentive space where one’s story can be told in an authentic and personal way.

Through talks, exercises, and guided improvisations, we will reach more profound levels of understanding what self-intimacy is and how it can be used to manifest our life goals. We will learn how to apply qualities of self-love as a medium to attract the right scenarios into our reality and how to use our authentic sensuality as a platform for our mental/spiritual/artistic growth.

The participants will acquire practical tools to let go of psychological/emotional blockages, decrease the judging mind, learn how to become more involved in our natural healing processes, empower our mental/physical condition, and bring more joy and trust into our day to day routine.

The workshop is addressed to any person/artist who wishes to get closer to themselves, peel off some layers of self-judgment (either in everyday life or during a creative process), invite more creative energy into their reality, improve communication skills, and expend the abilities to make authentic connections in the unfiltered matrix.

The workshop is open to all communities and to all ages, with or without a background in performing arts and is accessible to the Deaf community by simultaneous Sign Language interpretation.


A Midsummer Night’s Dream 

Photo by Dieter Hartwig

A Midsummer Night’s Dream 

World premiere: March 16th, 2018 at Ballhaus Ost, Berlin.

William Shakespeares Ein Sommernachtstraum ist ein über 400 Jahre altes Verwirrspiel der Menschen, ihrer Körper, ihrer Sprachen, Träume und Gefühle. In einem Palast und einem Wald zur Sommersonnenwende, wohin Liebende vor den Gesetzen der städtischen Gesellschaft flüchten, Feen und Menschen sich begegnen und das bis dahin überschaubare, wohlgeordnete Leben aus seiner Fassung gerät. Sprache verliert hier ihren Sinn, Körper prallen aufeinander. Traum wird zur Wirklichkeit und Wirklichkeit wird zum Traum. In einer Nacht voller Begierden und Liebe tobt sich das Innerste nach außen.
In seiner aktuellen Produktion erforscht das Ensemble Possible World das Potenzial von Sprache als Aktion im Raum. Die Ausgangspunkte sind der Stücktext von William Shakespeare und Deutsche Gebärdensprache. Das Ensemble besteht aus sechs gehörlosen und zwei hörenden Darstellern sowie zwei Codas (Children of deaf adults). Da Gehörlose in einer visuell-kinästhetischen Weise kommunizieren, die der hörenden Welt ungewohnt erscheint, fordert das international besetzte Ensemble die traditionellen westlichen Grenzen von Sprache und Literatur heraus.

Possible World wurde 2009 von Michaela Caspar und Till Nikolaus von Heiseler gegründet und zeigt mit Ein Sommernachtstraum seine vierte Produktion im Ballhaus Ost.

Für hörendes und gehörloses Publikum, in BodySignLanguage.

Regie: Michaela Caspar
Choreographie: The progressive wave / Gal Naor & Matan Zamir
Mit: Anka Böttcher, Brian Duffy, Emilia von Heiseler, Eyk Kauly, Athina Lange, Peter Marty, Gal Naor, Okan Seese, Anne Zander, Wille F. Zante
Übertragung in Deutsche Gebärdensprache: Eyk Kauly, Wille F. Zante, Corinna Brenner
Bharatanatyam-Choreographie: Rajyashree Ramesh
Raum, Komposition, Fotografie: Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag
Kostüme: Gabriele Wischmann
Visual Vernacular: Brian Duffy
Video: Jens Kupsch
Dramaturgische Beratung: Till Nikolaus von Heiseler
Lichtdesign: Fabian Eichner
Regie- und Bühnenbildassistenz: Max Neu
Produktionsleitung: Daniel Schrader

Eine Produktion von Possible World e. V. in Kooperation mit dem Ballhaus Ost. Gefördert durch Aktion Mensch, die Vinci Stiftung und die Herbert-Grünewald-Stiftung.

Science of Signs

Gif by iHeartBerlin

Science of Signs Performance Trilogy 

In 2016, together with the support of ID Festival Berlin, we had embarked working on our latest performance trilogy, Science of Signs. This theatric triptych, presented in three correlating chapters,  is exploring the relations between science, performance, and spirituality, structuring unique dramaturgical modules to examine both juxtapositions and overlaps between religious motifs, traditional elements, and cultural references. 

This performance trilogy gives prominence to the work of art as to a work of translation and wishes to question the spiritual and educative roles of performance-art in today’s society. It aims to adopt a comprehensive approach towards both esoteric and mainstreamed religious doctrines and spiritual theories to examine their relevance in our culture. 

Making use of different written, spoken and signed languages, live cameras, 3D video-mapping and the execution of live audio-visual experiments, Science of Signs performance trilogy is an alluring performative score which shapes an innovative translation to coded universal knowledge.

Science of Signs I: Lights & Vessels

Science of Signs II: Oráculo


In a seductive and oppressive world that promises everything but fulfils nothing, in an attention deficit disorder era, where T.V. stars dwell at their studio’s waiting room, compelled under the tyranny of the omnipresent gaze. It seems that the power balance has changed when the daily broadcasting schedule has been dripped into their drink.

In pragmatics, ‘Interference’ is a notion describing a phenomenon when rules of one language interfere with another.

 INTERFERENCE is a performance piece exploring the relations between the media and the individual, between the public and the private.

Gal Naor
Hila Gross
Ana Weisselberg
Tchelet Weisstub
Maayan Mozess
Gal Naor
Yoel Ron
Stage Design
Daniel Rauchwerger
Costume Design
Karni Cadan
Sound Design
Yaniv Schonfeld
Maya Felixbrodt
Hila Spector
Dr. Daphna Ben-Shaul

 Thanks to: Dr. Galia Hirch, Dr. Efrat Mishori, Maya Levy, Iris Erez, Ira Avneri

INTERFERENCE is the final project of Gal Naor’s four year program of performance studies at the School of Visual Theater in Jerusalem.