Lights & Vessels

Science of Signs I: Lights & Vessels
a dance lecture performance by The progressive wave

Premiere: October 21st, 2016 in the frame of ID festival, Berlin.

In a mindful laboratory, a sign language interpreter operates a mystery: What is the language above all languages, and what universal messages are echoing through it? He wears the alchemist gloves to examine the inevitable relationship between language, identity and consciousness.  

A mystic voyage into the universal teachings of Kabbalah wisdom. This narrated solo piece aims to uncover a thought-provoking outlook on the secret knowledge, suggesting an up to date interpretation of the sacred tongue.

Making use of cameras, 3D video mapping, and live visual experimentations, this audio-visual performance is portraying saturated translations to existential questions, and exploring the indivisible substance everything is made of. 

Lights & Vessels is the first chapter in The progressive wave’s performance trilogy Science of Signs. A scientific solo piece about the metaphysics of language and love.

Concept/Choreography/Performance: Gal Naor
Co-artistic Direction/Dramaturgy: Matan Zamir
Stage/Light/Video Design and Technical Direction: Marc Jungreithmeier
Original Music Composition: Ori Alboher
Costume Design: Don Aretino
Production Management: Ann-Christin Görtz
Text Transcription: Bennet Togler 
Production Assistant: Lilla Roma Weisselberg, Jessica Comis
Promotion Photography and Video Teaser: Shira Kela

Lights & Vessels is a production of The progressive wave with the support of ID Festival (Berlin) and with the kind support of Tanzlabor 21 (Frankfurt), Radialsystem V, Sasha Waltz & Guests, Heilehaus and Diamond Freddie (Berlin).


Photos: Ruthe Zuntz 


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