Oráculo installation

Oráculo Installation

Oráculo installation preview, October 29th, 2017 Circle1 gallery, Berlin
Vernissage: June  21st, 2018, Trauma Bar und Kino, Berlin 

A site-specific performative installation for a gallery space unravels an intimate view into the world of Oráculo, the second chapter in The progressive wave’s performance trilogy, Science of Signs. The scenography made of natural wood and ropes for Oráculo’s stage is presented in three gallery rooms, revealing fantastic and surreal altar spaces. With an ongoing performative presence, projections on water and original knotted rope objects, and live audiovisual experiments.

Concept, Direction, Choreography, Sound-Score Design: Gal Naor and Matan Zamir
Set, Light, Video. Design, Technical Direction: Marc Jungreithmeier
Performance: Jessica Comis, Ruby Wilson
Rope Objects: Ori Efrat
Costume Design: Don Aretino
Photography: Shiran Eliaserov

Oráculo installation is a production of The progressive wave with the support of Trauma Bar und Kino and Circle1 gallery, Berlin.