Science of Signs II: Oráculo

World premiere: January 26th, 2018 at 20:00 during ID festival.
Additional shows: January 27th & 28th, 2018 at 20:00.
The performances will take place at Ballhaus Ost, Pappelallee 15, Berlin.

I am the reality of the world. The center of the circumference.
I am the part and the whole. I am the will established between Heaven and Earth.
My hands and feet are everywhere. I have heads and mouths everywhere.
I am nearer to you than yourself. Than your soul, than your breath.
I am knowledge, the knower, and the known.
I see all, I hear all. I am in all, and I am.

I have created perception in you only in order to be the object of My perception.

Translating sacred scriptures into contemporary stage directions, The progressive wave are forming unique dramaturgical modules to examine overlaps between ancient teachings.

Making use of written and signed languages, Oráculo is a journey into the mysterious, traveling between the now, the ancient and the futuristic.

After presenting Lights & Vessels at ID festival 2016, Oráculo is the second chapter in the The progressive wave’s performance trilogy Science of Signs. This theatric triptych is exploring the relations between science, performance and philosophy.

Concept, Direction, Choreography, Sound Score Design: Gal Naor, Matan Zamir
Stage, Light, Video Design, Technical Direction: Marc Jungreithmeier
Creating Performers: Jessica Comis, Louis Edler, Iyar Elezra, Gal Naor
Paper, Rope, Textile Design: Ori Efrat
Costume Design: Don Arentino
Head & Body Object Design: House of Malakai
Makeup, Props Assistant: Hermes Pittakos
Sign-Language Consultant: Ace Mahbaz, Rita Mazza
Production Management: M.i.C.A – Movement in Contemporary Art

Oráculo is a production of The progressive wave, in co-production with ID Festival Berlin. In collaboration with Theater Thikwa and with the financial support of the Szloma Albam Foundation. With the kind support of Ballhaus Ost, Sasha Waltz & Guests, Polyphony, Theaterhaus Mitte and Heilehaus (Berlin).

Photo by Ruthe Zuntz