Photo by Bobby Collins

Science of Signs Methodology

“The Western way of thinking replicates a symptom in our everyday life. This is the main primary structure of the ego; to forget, to ignore and to turn the back to the tendency of the ‘other’, which is omnipresent in our lives. How do the language barriers design the conversation with the ‘other’? Is it possible to transcend beyond these boundaries and if so, how?” (Dr. Hagi Canaan, Tel-Aviv University Philosophy Lecturer, referring to the concept of “Radical Otherness” by the French philosopher, Emmanuel Levinas).

Verbal/written communication is a common human way to process information. Yet language, as a net of pre-agreed signs, is binding us to certain boundaries.

Dance, as a non-agreed physical language, is a way to explore and celebrate individual forms of expression.

When we learn to let go of the cognitive grasp in language, we enter a new space where we can enhance our inner senses and reconnect to our personal non-verbal attention.

When we are open to a dialogue with another physical language, we are inviting our subconscious to take an active part in the process of understanding the other.

In the workshop, we will share our artistic practice which is devoted to an extreme physical exploration that is in constant correspondence with philosophical and spiritual teachings. Improvisation will be used as a strategy to unlearn the habits of the mind.

We will investigate the borders between knowing and not knowing, states of awareness, abstraction and intention, stillness and physical activity to expand the way we perceive our bodies. We will allow ourselves to gradually return to our natural, organic state of sensitive openness. As a result, we learn to feel and move our bodies in a way that is consistent with our new understandings and embody those understandings in our practice to dissolve the beliefs in distance and separation.

The progressive wave is a collaborative project formed by dancer and choreographer, Matan Zamir, along with Sign-Language interpreter and theatre-maker, Gal Naor. Together they will share their unique working methods and invite the participants to peel-off some cognitive layers in order to discover new ways of expression and attention.

Science of Signs Methodology Workshop is an inclusive space welcoming mixable artists, dancers, actors, musicians and people with and without experience in performing arts. We open the door to those who wish to deepen the connection to their body and creative mind. The workshop can be accessible to the Deaf by simultaneous Sign-Language interpretation.