Science of Signs

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Science of Signs Performance Trilogy 

In 2016, together with the support of ID Festival Berlin, The progressive wave had embarked on working their interdisciplinary performance trilogy, Science of Signs.

This theatric triptych, presented in three correlating chapters, is exploring the relations between science, performance, and spiritual studies, and structuring unique dramaturgical modules to examine juxtapositions and overlaps between religious motifs, traditional elements, and cultural references from around the globe.

Making use of various written, spoken and signed languages, cameras, 3D video-mapping, and the execution of live audio-visual experiments, the trilogy is exploring the common ground of humankind. It aims to reveal the similarities and connections of different nations, cultures, and beliefs, and shapes an innovative translation to coded universal knowledge.

This interdisciplinary spectacle gives prominence to the work of Art as to a work of Translation and instructs to question the spiritual and educative roles of Performance-Art in today’s culture, basing its philosophical searches in the heart of all experience, which is familiar to all human beings.

Science of Signs performance trilogy strives to adopt a comprehensive approach towards both esoteric and mainstreamed religious doctrines and spiritual theories to examine their relevance in contemporary society, traveling between the now, the ancient, and the futuristic.

Science of Signs I: Lights & Vessels

Science of Signs II: Oráculo