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Science of Signs Methodology  The transparent body 

In this workshop, we will share our artistic practice which is devoted to an extreme physical exploration that is in constant correspondence with philosophical and spiritual teachings. Improvisation will be used as a strategy to unlearn the habits of the mind. We will investigate the borders between knowing and not knowing, states of awareness, abstraction and intention, stillness and diverse physical qualities to expand the way we perceive our bodies. We will learn to dissolve our beliefs in distance and separation.


Self Translated / a physical-emotional group ritual

In the session, we will physically explore the notion Oneness by establishing a robust, loving base. We will dive together into a mental journey, forming meaningful relations of physical understanding and emotional trust. We set our personal intentions, tune in to each other beyond words, transform our sexual energy into pure love, communication, and creativity, share our authentic healing powers, support each other, and expend our mutual heart.


Signing Intimacy / a private shared inquiry

An invitation to an intimate empowering journey in which we enhance our inner dialogue to be soft, loving, and intuitive. We will experiment with both communal and individual inquiries on the quest to find our unique ways to connect, express, feel, and acknowledge. We will explore Self-Intimacy in a nonverbal context, learn how to listen to our body-knowledge, discover our authentic individual Sign Language, and dance to connect and unlock emotional baggage.


We offer an inclusive space welcoming mixable artists, dancers, actors, musicians and people with and without experience in performing arts. We open the door to those who wish to deepen the connection to their body and creative mind. The workshop can be accessible to the Deaf population by simultaneous Sign-Language interpretation. Every workshop can be between a few hours to a few days.

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Photo by Rafael Medina